Biometric Access Doors

Biometric access is the type of security used that involves the recognition of physiological characteristics of people, like their retina, face, hands, iris and fingerprints. It can also involve checking the geometry of the veins, facial recognition and scanning of the iris. This recognition technology is used to insure that only authorized personnel will be able to open doors secured with the help of this technology.

Why should you use biometrics technology

Biometric Access DoorsThese physical traits that the biometric system analyzes define us and make us unique. In many cases, the need to identify a person without making mistakes is very important, so when you want to make sure that the security of a room isn’t compromised, you can use biometrics to make sure only authorized people can enter. One could easily imagine a world where keys would be obsolete and everyone used their unique physical traits to gain access to buildings and rooms.

Instead of having to carry a different access key or card for each building or room you need to access, you just use a fingerprint or an iris scan to let the computer know that you are allowed to access that area. The computer will only allow authorized personnel in the area, so break in attempts will be caught in time. Regular locks can be broken easily, but they can’t take over your iris or fingerprints. While keys and cards can be lost, your physical characteristics stay with you forever.

Another advantage is that biometrics can be quite adaptable and are easy to use. According to many specialists, biometrics is the best technology to use if you want to secure a building.

How does Biometrics Work?

The biometrics system can be hard to develop and to install, but there are ways to improve the installation process. The steps to implement the biometrics system are: Enrollment, Storage and Comparison. The next three steps are Senzor, Computer and Software.

The person that receives access needs to have his characteristics scanned, so the computer knows which they are. For example, he will place the hand on a scanning surface and the system will record the fingerprints. The same happens with the retina and the iris of that person. Next, the information which was retrieved will be digitally stored into the computer and the system will use it. Today the system can function for many purposes. One example would be the ability to use them to lock doors or even to be able to open a window, if that room needs considerable security. The system will eliminate the need for keys and other such elements. It is a way of making our lives simpler and it adds enormous benefits for all the family members. It can be used both for home systems and for the office. The biometrics system can allow access only to the people that you want inside your home or office. You will save time and money because you will no longer require other safety systems. Plus, the thieves will be kept out of your property and you will be safe. If you can’t be robbed, your insurance premiums go down, so you will actually save money.

You should explore this system as the modern technology offers tremendous benefits. In this ever changing world having such a system can be a huge plus. As the technology becomes easier to access, the prices of biometric access doors are also dropping and many more people are able to install them. Soon enough, the time will come when everyone will have a biometric access door system in their homes, using it every day along with their friends and family. Each business office will have the system as well, guarantying security and efficiency. The system is bullet proof and has shown its advantages in multiple simulations, all over the world.