Ceiling Access Doors

It does not matter if you have a small attic or a larger space, the way in which you take advantage of it is what matters. Storage space is one of those things that will give you headaches. What should you do? Should you place stair assemblies or ladders? This article focuses on creating a simple access door.

Creating a Ceiling Access Panel

The first step is to use the electric saw to cut down an access area. Bear in mind the fact that this access area must be next to the closet or the storage area. So cut a small hole just between the joints of the ceiling and measure the distance.

Ceiling Access DoorsFor the second step, put two pieces of 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 just right between the ceiling joists. These pieces are used to create the opposite dimension for the opening. You can use screws to fix everything just as it should be.

Next, a piece of close to 1/2- or 3/4-inch must be cut and then placed into the opening. Do not leave excessive gaps around the edges. Secure the insulation.

The fourth step is to place the casting and install the finishing nails, on the opening. Place the ceiling panel in the attic. The casting has to extend a bit into the opening in order to serve as a seat.

In the final step, the casting and the exposed panel have to be painted in the color you want. The casting can be painted in as many colors as you want whenever you want to do it.

Some Tips & Warnings

Plastic sheets and cloths have to be used to catch the debris on the carpet or furniture. Be aware of all the wiring that is in the room.

Cutting the Access Door

First of all, above the hallway or the garage you can cut a space and make a door. It can be used in order to gain access to the attic. Use light to see the area and examine if there is any leakage. Before cutting down the area make sure there are no leakages.

Next, use a nice hand saw to cut the area and climb into the attic in order to see the insulation and the plumbing pipes. Measure the space and make sure you cut at the right size. Use a carpenter’s square and a pen.

The third thing is that saw rafters can be used and nailed together. Then you have to build a frame that will hold everything together.

Fourth, a wide door framing can be placed around the attic and you can make it 4 inches wide.

Finally, place the hinges on the covering made of plywood. This way you can easily push up the hinges. The hinge will push down. You must have the hinges otherwise everything will fall down, so make sure you are building strong hinges for this project. Next, create the plywood cover and then open it up with one hand. Use a flashlight to make sure that everything is in place. You can climb into the attic space and see if it all fits. Make the necessary adjustments if you feel like something is not in place. Also, do not be afraid to cut down smaller pieces if something does not fit right.