Pet Access Doors

Pets enjoy the time they spend outside. But what happens when they want to come inside the house and you’re not around to open the door? In cases like these, the solution is a pet access door. Many homes are equipped with such doors and there are many models to choose from if you want to install one. This article will let you know about some of the most important aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a pet access door.

The Electronic Pet Door

Pet Access DoorsThis type of door is perfect if you want to add extra security for the pet flap. For example, the door does not open if the pet is not wearing a collar. That collar has a chip that sends out a signal to the door flap and that is how the door opens. If a foreign pet is trying to enter, it will not be allowed entrance. Not to mention the fact that this type of door will keep your home insulated. There are many models to choose from, since there are many manufacturers. There are fewer differences between the functionalities that they offer but a lot of differences on the design and the way in which the sensor on the collar operates. One can adjust the opening and also the distance between the collar and the door sensor. The collars are constructed depending on the size of the pet, of course, and they can easily be adjusted. No matter what type of pet you have size wise, there is a system that will fit your him.

Magnetic Pet Doors

The magnetic doors are similar to the electronic ones and they need a sensor in order to operate. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They have special settings in place plus some optional ones for you to choose from. You can look on the Internet and see which are the most popular manufacturers and their best systems. On their company websites, they clearly explain the advantages of each type of magnetic door.

In-Wall Door for the Pets

Some people prefer to add pet flaps into the wall and not in the door. This system is great for those people that want to keep their doors intact or for the people that want to have their home perfectly insulated. This type of door allows you to punch a hole in the wall and make a flap there, instead of using the regular door. For this installation you have to know where the electrical wiring is placed inside the wall and where the plumbing is located. Also, make sure you know where the wall studs are before you start cutting the wall. You can do this by yourself or have somebody else do it.

Screen Pet Doors

For people that like to have airflow in their home and don’t allow insects in, this is a very good solution. This door uses a reinforced screen and that screen comes in a lot of colors and shapes.

Infrared Pet Doors

The ultimate system for pet doors is the infrared type. A sensor is placed on the pet collar and it lets the door know that the pet is close to the door, so it can open the small flap. There are many people that use this system even though it is kind of expensive.

Take a look around your home and decide where you want the flap to be placed. Next, see how much you want to spend for this and contact a specialized company to do all the work for you.