Proximity Cards

One of the most popular security measures used today by companies is the proximity card. These proximity cards can be given to each employee and installed in the company’s building, so everyone has to use it. The proximity cards are used by a lot of companies. These are basically cards that communicate their ID to a card reader nearby. Next, the system transmits the data to a computer which then tells the door to open if the card has access to it. Each card has a unique ID so if you do not want somebody to enter a certain room you simply deactivate that card for the card reader on that door. It is very simple to use. The cards use contact lens integrated circuits and they are very safe. This method is said to be one of the safest and smartest in the world. Many businesses around the world use it because of its multiple advantages and the fact that you can easily track who uses the cards.

The Proximity Cards

Proximity CardsProximity cards offer people dual advantages. They offer logical access control and also physical access control. The cards can be used in huge companies and they provide access to computers. They can easily reduce the security costs in your company by as much as 40%. Not to mention the fact that proximity cards are suitable for a wide variety of applications like web authorization, email encryption, and digital signatures.

Proximity Card Reader

In order to use a proximity card, you need a proximity card reader. This reader will pick up the code of the card and transfer it to the computer. The mechanism is quite simple. Everything is encoded with electronic signals and access cards. Do not think that the proximity card is like an ATM card because it is not. The difference is that unlike the ATM card, the proximity card must not be inserted into the reader. You can hold the card at some distance and the reader will still pick it up.

People think that installing this proximity card system is hard but that is not the truth. Still, you should know that there are some cards that require you to touch the card reader in order to receive the sensor input. Most of them work when they are a few centimeters away from the reader.

Also, the proximity cards are known for their versatility. They can be installed pretty much anywhere. You can place them on an office table, on the computer or even at the entrance of the room. Many proximity cards can be personalized to use certain passwords and certain usernames. You can set them up however you want.

Proximity Card Holder

One of the best things about the proximity cards is the fact that they can be used by many people. A big company with thousands of employees can have thousands of proximity cards. The cards can be bigger or smaller, depending on the company that makes them. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from and they’re made with a different texture or different colors. Many cards can also be personalized with the company logo and the company colors. Some of these proximity cards are so little that they can fit in your palm or pocket.