Wall Safes

Because of the increasing crime rate, many people are looking for ways to protect their assets and wall safes are one of the most popular options. People tend to spend money on the protection of their homes, both when they’re away and when they’re in the house. Protecting their most prized assets when they’re away is natural, and wall safes are used in many cases, to hold jewelry, money or other valuables that will fit inside.

Wall SafesBesides installing the latest security gadgets, one of the ways in which one can protect his assets is by putting them in a bank. The problem is that you end up paying money to the bank and you don’t have complete access to your valuables. Wall safes are some of the best methods you can use to protect your things, while keeping them handy and easy to access. Wall safes are placed in the wall of your home, just as the name suggests. In most cases, it is best to place the wall safes while the building is being constructed, but you can also do it at a later date. There are many companies that can install a wall safe for you. Below we will talk about wall safe rating and prices, two factors you should take into consideration.

The ratings

If you want a good wall safe then you should try to buy one that has a rating from the Underwriters Laboratories. The fact that the safe has this rating means that it is capable of keeping your things safe in certain conditions. A wall safe that has the class A rating will be able to stand for hours in 2,000-degree heat and still the thieves wouldn’t get inside. Another safe rated as class B will be able to endure only 1,850-degree heat, for a maximum of 2 hours. The class C safes are able to withstand 1,000-degree heat for one hour. The rating is given based on a number of different factors, including the the opening system which is used and the features that it comes with, like electronic locks, the use of number combinations or keys.

The price

The price of the wall safes depends on their manufacturer and it also depends on the materials that are being used during the construction. Obviously, like in many other cases, you get what you pay for. If you need to protect something at all costs, you will have to pay a great deal more than for an average wall safe. Better materials and better features will mean a higher price, but it might be worth it if it protects thousands of dollars worth of valuables. The average price of a wall safe is around $400. You can also look on the Internet for second hand wall safes or for some better deals on new models. Buying a wall safe online can be a good decision but be careful about the manufacturer. Since you can’t see the condition of the wall safe, you have to make sure they are giving you the right quality. Look for reviews on each type of wall safe before deciding on the one you want.

Many people say that wall safes are great because they are easy to manipulate, easy to access and easy to use when you need to protect something valuable. Some wall safes can be hidden under paintings or in the library and people will not know where they are. The safes can easily be made to look like a decoration object or like the wall itself. There are many creative ways to hide a wall safe so do not be afraid to invest a little in protecting your assets.