Door Access Control

Many people place a lot of importance on the security of their homes or their offices. This is why they like to secure their places and install good systems of surveillance and monitoring, together with a good door access control. Commercial establishments are among those that need this type of security systems installed, though civilian and governmental objectives can also rely on them.

Door Access ControlSome doors already have nice security systems but there are plenty out there that aren’t completely safe. Some of these systems can easily be broken into, hence the need for home safes or proper door access control. Some mechanisms prevent people from going inside one room if they are coming from the outside at a specific hour. Computers are now used to monitor every movement and report back when something happens. The system is sophisticated and allows a large input of information.

Nowadays there are many companies that offer all kinds of services to people that want more security. Some of the most innovative door access control systems include the ones with card access. These cards are used to open or close the doors. They are a nice electronic way of accessing an establishment. These cards are also used to track who got in and who got out. That does not mean that keys are no longer useful. There are simple keys and then there are more complicated keys, like the electronic keys, which work pretty much like the electronic cards. The keys have magnetic strips that are used in order to secure the area. Each employee can have a special entering key that they can use to identify themselves.

For example, one can have a master key that can be used to open and close all the doors in the building. But some employees only get keys for certain offices in the building. Many organizations prefer this kind of door access control system because it offers them a higher control over who gets in and who gets out of each area. They can monitor everything closer. If something happens and they do not want somebody to get in or out, they simply deactivate the key.

It all depends on the type of the organization and on their security budget. For example, a master key offers the kind of door access control they might want, but they need to be able to afford this kind of system. The advantage is that certain keys can be used only in certain offices. If a person has a storage room and want a special key only for that, this can easily be achieved. Some control points can also be installed in order to monitor everything even closer. Control cards are also very useful. Most of them are magnetic and they can be used just by placing them in front of the reading unit.

The company that will install the systems will decide the manner in which to install all the systems and also the number of people that can use the keys or the access cards. Extra security measures like retina scan or fingerprint scan can also be placed where needed, combing multiple types of access for better security. In most of the large companies there are double security systems installed on each door, depending on the office. Where the information technology is stored, or where money or important documentation are kept, extra measures are in place. It is pointless to say that the door access technologies are improving every day and more sophisticated measures are being implemented. As people want to get safer surroundings, they get a wider pallet of choices for their door access.